Not to be
is not anymore sustainable


We only use organic cotton!

Our cotton –certified fairtrade from FLOCERT, and organic in favor of regulation CE, NOP and GOTS by ECOCERT-

It comes from the Burkina Faso fields, now independent from multinationals in the purchase of cottonseeds.

In the past, Burkina’s farmers have tested on their profits and crop quality how much GMO can impoverish the land.

Trough our products we want to sensitize clients and alsopush our suppliers on choosing agriculture without pesticides, pursuing the cultivation of organic cotton.


The colors we use in our process are certified by GOTS.

The dying process is not toxic neither for who is making it,

or for the environment,

all of this allows ecological regeneration rather than accumulation and over consumption,

we want help
restore the land rather than steal it

this is reciprocity


Our fabrics are only hand made,

It is quite utopian to go back to working without an industrial approach, but, as if it is an endangered species,

we want to protect fabric artists and artisans


We want to show who is behind the work of our tailors, seamstresses, weavers and dyers,

all the processes are followed daily in a friendly way

this gives us the possibility to tell you trough pictures taken day by day!

The most sustainable choise is to use what you have until it lasts,
so we give advise on how to take care of our clothes,
as Orsola de Castro says: Loved Clothes Last!
Above all, as to avoid the waste ofany scraps from the fabric,
we have created the Bagbed,

a bag totally made by production scraps,
the fabric for us is so precious!

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