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Poesie dreamwear is about the universe of dream, and possibilities beyond

All the fabrics, entirely handmade,
are exclusively created for our ‘drops’
-It means that each collection is unique and unreapeatable.

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Our mission

Every process comes to life in Burkina Faso

our fabrics, designed in Italy, are made by
the women of the organisation for emancipation and development in BF (AZPF), everything is 100% handmade in organic cotton,
and handwoven with traditional frame only,
to protect and preserve the traditional techniques of african artisans.

The threads are certified Fairtrade by FLOCERT and in favor of the regulations CE NOP GOTS by ECOCERT,
All the colors used in the dying process are organic, certified GOTS, and without toxic product,
respecting the environment and our health.

We do believe that there is nothing more precious than wearing something that is aligned with nature’s cycle without forcing our mother earth, something that from beginning to end respects the people who are behind it.

We think that giving a face to who made our clothes is synonymus of transparency and also create a link between who we are, what we do, and who is choosing us.

We dream of a colorful future, where mix and match, solidarity and sustainability
are the keys of real wealth.