we hope to dream all together the same dream

bold and sustainable

Poesie Dreamwear will be in a sense forever grateful to the unforgettable 2020 lockdown,in wich a creative mind from Rome,
after a deep experience of textile creation and organic cotton cultivation in west Africa, and after a long period in a comfortable cot, decides
-with some of the best friends someone could ever imagine to have-
to finally trust the feeling of making a dream came true.

who made your clothes

2020 gave to everyone of us countless reasons to be remembered,
but the first lesson we learned is that we have to take some steps back,
and start Creating a bond with our Earth,
our Planet which is the only house we have.
Furthermore to respect the People who put energy and effort to create our dreamwear,
and think about the Profit as something that can make everyone grow.

the dream

Thanks to today’s accessible technologies,
and without traveling,
it is possible to work with people from another continent,
Humans can make lot of beautiful things together,
we want to color our world,
by starting from the most intimate we all have in common:

the dream!

We create clothes that want to accompany dreamers, poets, artists, people in their most colorful thoughts,
connecting them with the precious hands who create unique works of craftsmanship.

We hope to dream all together

the same dream

“Restore the land rather than steal it
this is reciprocity”

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